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2022 Canby Jamboree 

 May 21, 2022


Team Game 1 Game 2 Game 3
Camas 3/4 F1 9am v IBW F2 11am v Tualatin F1 2pm v OC Black
Canby 3/4 F1 8am v Tualatin F1 11am v SKYLL F2 1pm v Hood River Yellow
Hood River Blue 3/4 F2 9am v OC White F1 12pm v OC Black F2 2pm v Tualatin
Hood River Yellow 3/4 F1 10am v Wilsonville F2 1pm v Canby F2 3pm v SKYLL
IBW 3/4 F1 9am v Camas F2 12pm v Wilsonville F1 3pm v OC White
Oregon City Black 3/4 F2 8am v Wilsonville F1 12pm v Hood River Blue F1 2pm v Camas
Oregon City White 3/4 F2 9am v Hood River Blue F1 1pm v SKYLL F1 3pm v IBW
SKYLL 3/4 F1 11am v Canby F1 1pm v OC White F2 3pm v Hood River Yellow
Tualatin 3/4 F1 8am v Canby F2 11am v Camas F2 2pm v Hood River Blue
Wilsonville 3/4 F2 8am v OC Black F1 10am v Hood River Yellow F2 1pm v IBW



Team Game 1 Game 2 Game 3
Camas 5/6 F8 9am v SKYLL B F6 11am v SKYLL A F5 2pm v IBW Wells
Canby 5/6 F6 8am v Tualatin F5 10am v EPL F5 4pm v Sunset
EPL 5/6 F5 10am v Canby F8 12pm v Hood River F5 3pm v Lincoln
Hood River 5/6 F6 10am v Tualatin F8 12pm v EPL F8 3pm v Lake Oswego
IBW Wells 5/6 F6 9am v Oregon City F8 11am v Sunset F5 2pm v Camas
Lake Oswego 5/6 F8 8am v Mid Valley F8 10am v Wilsonville F8 3pm v Hood River
Lincoln 5/6 F5 8am v Wilsonville F5 11am v SKYLL B F5 3pm v EPL
Mid-Valley 5/6 F5 8am v Lake Oswego F8 12pm v Oregon City F5 2pm v Tualatin 
Oregon City 5/6 F6 9am v IBW Wells F5 12pm v Mid Valley F8 4pm v SKYLL B
SKYLL A 5/6 F5 9am v Sunset F6 11am v Camas F8 1pm v Wilsonville
SKYLL B 5/6 F8 9am v Camas F5 11am v Lincoln F8 4pm v Oregon City
Sunset 5/6 F5 9am v SKYLL A F8 11am v IBW Wells F5 4pm v Canby
Tualatin 5/6 F6 8am v Canby F6 10am v Hood River F8 2pm v Mid Valley 
Wilsonville 5/6 F5 8am v Lincoln F8 10am v Lake Oswego F8 1pm v SKYLL A




Team Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Game 4
Camas 7/8 A F4 9am v Tualatin F6 1pm v SKYLL West F6 4pm v SKYLL Bowlby  
Camas 7/8 B F7 10am v Mid Valley F4 12pm v Lake Oswego F6 2pm v Wilsonville  
Canby 7/8 F7 8am v Wilsonville F6 12pm v Corvallis F7 2pm v Tualatin
F7 4pm v Sunset
Corvallis 7/8 F4 10am v IBW F6 12pm v Canby F4 3pm v Lake Oswego  
IBW 7/8 F4 10am v Corvallis F7 12pm v Tualatin F7 3pm v Oregon City  
Lake Oswego 7/8 F7 9am v Oregon City F4 12pm v Camas B F4 3pm v Corvallis  
Mid Valley 7/8 F7 10am v Camas F4 1pm v Oregon City F6 3pm v SKYLL West  
Oregon City 7/8 F7 9am v Lake Oswego F4 1pm v Mid Valley F6 3pm v IBW  
SKYLL - West 7/8 F4 11am v Sunset F6 1pm v Camas A F7 3pm v Mid Valley  
SKYLL - Bowlby 7/8 F7 11am v Wilsonville F7 1pm v Sunset F6 4pm v Camas A  
Sunset 7/8 F4 11am v SKYLL West F7 1pm v SKYLL Bowlby F7 4pm v Canby  
Tualatin 7/8 F4 9am v Camas A F7 12pm v IBW F7 2pm v Canby  
Wilsonville 7/8 F7 8am v Canby F7 11am v SKYLL Bowlby F6 2pm v Camas B



Congratulations to our Senior Goalie!!

Garrett Netter signed his letter of intent to play Goalie for the Lacrosse team at

Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont, California.


by posted 04/23/2018