Canby Youth Lacrosse is an organization that was formed to build the foundations, educate, and help build the character the youth lacrosse player within the Canby area.

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Communications/Questions: If you are not your program's administrator, we ask that you pass your questions through that person. This will create a more coordinated communication stream and reduce redundant messages.

Down Times between Games: There are times when teams don’t have games. We encourage them to visit vendors,  get some concessions, and just generally enjoy the day and other games.

Waivers: All players must COMPLETE a waiver.

Rules of Play: It is our general intent to play according to the rules set forth by the Oregon Youth Lacrosse Association. There are some subtle clarifications, modifications, and points-of-emphasis that we will use. Please review the rule clarifications here. Time permitting, the referees will discuss these with both coaches before the game.

Game Times: Games will start on the hour. Within 1-2 minutes of the top of the hour, headquarters will blow a horn indicating that games should get started. Game clocks will be run at each field separately. Games are 20 minute running halves with maximum of 5 minute halftime. Each team is allotted one 60 second timeout per half.  With no stoppages, games should take 45 minutes. The game clock will stop for timeouts and injuries. At 50 minutes past the hour though, a double-horn will be blown from headquarters again. At that time, any game still in progress is immediately over, regardless of how much time may be left on the game clock at the field. Ties will fiinish as ties - no tie breakers will be played.

Field Diagram: Please refer to this field diagram in order to identify the specific field locations and how you can get to them. Ackerman Middle School and Lee Elementary are on the same campus and the fields are shared between the schools. All games will be held at the Lee/Ackerman fields.

No Dogs/Pet Policy: Canby School District has a no pet policy on all their fields during events, primarily for safety and hygiene reasons.  

Parking: There is limited parking in the area. In fact, if you are a returning participant, you may notice that there is even less than before with a new housing development across from the school. We highly recommend carpooling as much as possible. Please park legally and be considerate of the homeowners in the area.

Concessions: Don’t forget that we will have concessions on-site (hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, soda, water, sports drinks, candy, and donuts) as well. All proceeds of that go directly to our program. Your patronage is most appreciated. Credit/debit cards will be accepted.

Barbecues: Due to school district guidelines, we cannot allow barbecues on-site. Sorry.

Event T-Shirts: We will have T-Shirts commemorating the event for sale as well. Be sure to have your players bring some cash so that they can get one. You will discover that this year’s shirts are REALLY cool. They will be very popular.

Seating: Parents/families/fans will want to bring portable seating, or blankets.

Flying Balls: With so many games going on and so many young lacrosse players playing catch, everyone needs to be on “high alert” for lacrosse balls flying around.

Positive/Supportive Attitudes: Lastly, while everyone recognizes the spirit of competition that will be in the air, please help us to set a positive and supportive tone for everyone involved – players, coaches, refs, parents, volunteers, vendors, and everyone else. With no intention to preach, please consider these things that we tell our teams:

  • Please be positive at all times. Smile a lot, laugh some, enjoy it all!!
  • Don't speak negatively of opponents or their fans. Certainly, don't get into debates/arguments with them. Unlike most games where there is an obvious home and away group, at events like this the fans tend to intermingle. What you say to your friend sitting beside you could easily be heard by others.
  • Please clean up areas/spaces that you use.
  • Don't get too caught up in the officials. You may not agree with a call, but please know that they do not carry an agenda - they are trying their honest best too...

Note that this is not a bracketed tournament. No “champion” will be crowned or anything like that. This is a chance to play 3 games in one day and generally enjoy an atmosphere full of lacrosse.